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Motor Insurance Database

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About the Motor Insurance Database

Reasoning behind the M.I.D.:

 • To cut down the level of uninsured driving in Britain
 • To reduce premiums for insured, law-abiding drivers
 • To empower police with central database for all insured vehicles

In January 2003, Britain's M.I.D. expanded to incorporate motor traders and fleet operators as a result of the 4th EU Directive being introduced and the 'full' database being rolled out across Europe.

Police can access the M.I.D. directly from squad car computers. This means they can check license plates in real-time and penalise a driver if their vehicle does not show on the system.

Our preferred route for you to update your vehicles is to use our website, which will either navigate you to your actual insurer's website, or, dependant on which insurer you are insured with, will accept the details of the vehicles you wish to add or remove and we will pass this information on to them.

Motor Insurance Database (MID) Fact Sheet

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